THE ROCK SHOW, @ Stone Fair from 6th to 9th February STONA 2020

Come join us at ROCKSHOW to kick start your business, open up new avenues and ultimately popularize your material to the world

Indian is a land of diversity and is bestowed with a bounty of beautiful Natural Stone, housing a vast variety in every possible color, patterns and type of stone, which is second to none. FIGSI has initiated a Novel Idea for the betterment and promotion of the Natural Stone Industry as a whole. Under this initiative a Sub-committee named New material display has been formed, under which the brand ROCK SHOW has been created.

How can we further showcase, market and sell these new and exotic material to the world? . Have we tapped the market potential of New Natural stone? Have exotic and new Indian Natural Stone been showcased to the world to its full effect?? We at Rock Show intend to be the platform for India’s Unexplored and underrated material for the world to come and see ROCK SHOW will display the materials in its exclusive stall at STONA 2020 where visitors can discover India’s newest treasure trove of Natural Stone materials.

Benifits of Participating in ROCK SHOW

  1. Display of your material at the ROCK SHOW gives immense market penetration, both Local and International.

    2. Exclusive Marketing channel giving access to buyers from across the globe.

    3. Greater understanding of the Target market to position your Material in the right market and to the right Target audience.

    4. Cost effective opportunity to display at STONA 2020.

    5. Better recognition of your Material

For any further clarification/ information on the above subject you are free to contact
Chairman, Sub-committee – New Material Display

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 THE ROCK SHOW, Stone Fair from 6th to 9th February STONA 2020

Bringing the Global Market to your doorstep

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