Stone Plus sees demand for natural stones for flooring

Stone Plus offers a wide range of natural stones which can be used for flooring

Hyderabad: Today, Indian homes are experimenting with more aesthetic elements, and marble and granite are some of the options that are fast gaining popularity as choice of flooring material. Hyderabad-based Stone Plus is actively catering to the demand for these natural stones in residential and commercial real estate, globally and in India, as a trading company. The company has been exporting natural stones to 17 countries.

The company, which was founded in 2010, imports stones from Italy, Spain, Iran, Turkey, China, Vietnam and Norway to cater to Indian market

Prasan Shah, CEO of Stone Plus, told Telangana Today, “We had been catering to North America market to start with. We have consistently worked on quality sourcing. We have now entered into Canada, USA and Europe. Over the years, we have expanded out footprint in North America, did business also in the UK, Greece and Middle East.”

“We are now catering to the domestic market and have aggressive plans to grow in India. We are already catering to southern markets including Telangana as well as Rajasthan. We will expand to 10 cities in India in the next five years. India business could surpass our export business by 2024,” Shah informed.

The company, which was founded in 2010, imports stones from Italy, Spain, Iran, Turkey, China, Vietnam and Norway to cater to Indian market. In North America, demand comes from kitchen countertops for granite. In India, marble accounts for the bulk of flooring usage.

“To expand our domestic market, we have created a warehouse and showroom at Patancheru in Hyderabad during November last year, where customers can come, see and experience the natural stones that are on offer, of different colours, patterns and sizes. We have also set up a pre-fabrication facility here where we can cut, polish and give the finishing to stones. We have also deployed a crane at the facility where slabs can be moved with ease,” he added.

Stone Plus exports granite, marble, quartz and semi-precious gemstones from India from its 40-natural stone mix and its core strength is to access wide varieties of stones in range of colours from across world. The company has full-time quality inspectors enabling export quality standards.

Talking about the uniqueness of precious metals, Shah said, “Each piece of granite is unique and you can never get another piece like that. Granite and marble have a big demand globally. Quartz looks like marble but it has unique applications such as its suitability for use in kitchens.”

In near-term, the company plans to focus on quartz, mosaic and gemstones in India. It will add at least seven new stone offerings soon.

Stone Plus wants to expand into Europe and Middle East in the coming years besides strengthening Indian market with an eye on tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Source: Telangana Today

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