Granite cluster to come up in Karimnagar

A granite polishing unit in Odyaram village of Gangadhara mandal in Karimnagar district.

An enterprise by the Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, it will cost  15 crore

To infuse life into the granite industry, which is reeling under a crisis due to fall in exports from Karimnagar district, the Centre has decided to adopt the cluster development approach (CDA). It is meant to help enhance productivity and competitiveness as well as capacity-building of entrepreneurs of the industry in Karimnagar district.

Accordingly, the first-of-its-kind granite cluster in Telangana is coming up at Bahupeta village on the outskirts of Karimnagar town. Bahupeta is centrally located, having granite industries, with accessories like polishing units in adjoining Kamanpur, Odyaram, Elgandal, and Khazipur villages.

The district granite quarry and granite-cutting and polishing units have come forward to allocate five acres of land for setting up the granite cluster in Bahupeta village. The Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has decided to set up the cluster at a cost of ₹15 crore, which would include 70% assistance from the Centre, 10% from State government and 20% by the local granite industry.

The aim of cluster development approach is to provide sustainability and growth of granite units by addressing common issues such as improvement of technology, skills, quality, market access and access to capital (bank loans). They would also set up common facilities like centre for testing, training, raw material depot and effluent-treatment plant.

As part of the cluster, the granite units would be encouraged to utilise granite dust produced during the cutting of rocks for making bricks and market them. Presently, the dust is stored in the vicinity of the granite polishing units by digging pits. Hereafter, the dust would be used for making bricks and sold at cheaper rates for the construction sector.

Besides, the CDA approach would encourage entrepreneurs to utilise all the by-products of the granite industry such as broken stone blocks to make jalli for construction and for laying roads.

On the other hand, officials were busy preparing the detailed project report for the CDA.

Welcoming the cluster development approach, Das Hanuman granites director Arjun Karwa said it would provide the latest technology and other assistance for producing value-added granite to meet the demands of various sectors.

The CDA would also help in providing more employment to skilled and unskilled labourers in the region, he added.

Source: The Hindu

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