The International Exhibitions of Isfahan Stone Fair 2018 Iran, April 30 – May 04, 2018

The International Exhibitions of Isfahan Stone Fair 2018

Isfahan, Iran, April 30 – May 04, 2018

Iran’s stones have hit the world markets, especially to the Italian, Japanese, Korean and other European and Southeast Asian markets, but these achievements should not be overcome. In order to create effective areas for export development, it is necessary, with the creation of industrial and technological facilities, to take steps to improve the production and export capacity.

On the other hand, given that reducing production costs and, consequently, reducing prices and increasing value added in this industry, requires the upgrading of stone processing firms and equipping mines with advanced machinery, should In this section, he also put emphasis on the agenda.

For this purpose, specialized exhibitions will be held with the aim of increasing production capacity and export potential and presence in the wider world markets. The International Exhibition Company of Isfahan Province is also organizing the tenth international exhibition of rock, mines and related industries from May 8 to 12 in Isfahan, which is an indigenous industry in the field of stone industry.

Considering the importance of investing in the human resources sector of this industry and the need to further its specialization, this exhibition is undoubtedly a major achievement for this exhibition, which attracts experts, professionals and activists every year. Build. It is hoped that with the help of officials, participants and experts, these goals will be fruitful.

Isfahan International Exhibitions Company started its activities in 1993 and has been following the growing trend with great success so far.

Isfahan International Exhibitions Fair is a mission of various exhibitions with a variety of topics, with the main objective of creating an appropriate economic platform, healthy competition, identifying superior units and establishing links between members of various collections of industrial, cultural, artistic, service And … have followed

Chamber of Commerce Manager: We support the presence of exhibitions / Private sector is under construction / The need for the establishment of a provincial stone exporters union

Head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mining and Agriculture of Isfahan said that the consolidation of export laws and regulations is one of the most important demands of industry sector activists.

According to the Media Division of the International Exhibition Center of Isfahan Province, Abdul Wahab Sohla Abadi, who spoke at the Stone Summit and Export Challenges on the eve of the opening of the thirteenth exhibition of stone, mines and related industries in Isfahan, conveyed condolences to the miners’ Let’s stop criticizing the end of the eleventh government, and see what we have done as a private sector.

He emphasized: the private sector does not have the necessary coherence and unity, and lack of partnership is one of our weaknesses; for years, we have proposed the creation of a union of stone exporters to bring together manufacturers, operators and machinery sectors. Such an organization has not formed, and we have to help dealers who exploit us in target markets outside the country.

The chairman of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce continued: “When a producer is weak in selling his products and does not sell well, he presses the miner and this group is oppressed. While, if he has a good domestic and foreign salesperson, he will benefit from the rings before him.

He said that education is a priority for the Chamber of Commerce and is very important, adding that “especially in the safety sector for the miners and workers of the units, we are ready, but the private sector in this field is trying hard and does not demand the room. Slowly

Sahelabadi, also referring to the wide impact of holding and attending exhibitions, said the Chamber of Commerce provided the necessary support for exhibitions, but in some cases, even if some chambers were paid by the Chamber of Commerce, it was not welcome. To be While the commercial chambers of other provinces do not pay such costs, the private sector does not use this opportunity.

He said that he was not familiar with global prices, the problems with the banking system, and the weakness of advertising, including the problems facing the field of stone exports. He said: “We have a lot of voice and cinema that announce the cost of advertising from producers so high that domestic producers Do not use audio and video advertising. On the other hand, due to fluctuations in the price of the currency, the producer does not know how to base the contract with his trading partner. Another problem is that our promise and verb in the export sector are not the same and what we pledge to do with what we offer is different, which disrupts the markets of other countries than some of our products.

Attending Exhibitions and Addressing Export Challenges

The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Isfahan province said at the meeting: In 1995, more than 25 thousand industrial units of the country received facilities that included 17 thousand billion rials.

Esrafil Ahmadia said: In Isfahan Province, in 95, 2309 units received more than 27 trillion rials.

Referring to the province’s export challenges, he added: in this regard, it is necessary to establish export consortiums in the province; also, if it is possible to create a site for the production of the province that all the province’s producers have put their products in, and Advertising will be done correctly, and part of the sales and production problems will be resolved.

He advised the provincial stones to attend the specialized exhibitions abroad and said: “The opportunity offered to the private sector should be used to export and co-ordinate activities, because attending exhibitions will remove some of the Challenges are exported.

Source : The International Exhibitions of Isfahan Province


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