Regatta Granites India Introduces 10 New Granite Varieties in Multiple Shades

Regatta Universal Exports is one of the leading global exporters and suppliers of Indian stones, such as granite, marble, sandstone, state, quartzite, limestone and stones articles. Being an exporter of Indian stones, we are supplying products like countertops, tiles, gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs along with different stone articles & monuments to customers based in USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and many other countries around the globe.


Naturally occurring as a solid aggregate of one or more mineraloids or minerals, natural stone is found in the form of sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rock. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is universally accepted as a wonderful material for architecture and design.

Applications and Properties of Natural Stones
Granite is widely recognised as a prominent construction and decorative material all over the world. The distinguishing properties of stones like hardness, thermal capacity and acid resistance makes it perfect for construction purposes. Simultaneously, its occurrence in different textures and colours that are further upgraded by various processing methods is responsible of its artistic applications, including creation of statues, decorative pieces/stones, artefacts and idols.

Indian Natural Stone Manufacturers
Its extensive use in our daily lives has led to the evolution of natural stone manufacturing as a specialised industry. In the present times, various stone manufacturers around the world are involved in the extraction and processing of natural stones, so as to transform it into a usable form and also to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

In the context of India, natural stone manufacturers deal in a broad gamut of stones, including slate, granite, limestone and marble. Natural stone factories in India are engaged in the production of flooring slabs, blocks, structural slabs, tiles, sculptures and landscape garden stones that are in great demand in the West. Counted as one of the world’s largest producers of dimension stones, India has now become a major exporter of a variety of stone products.

A number of natural stone exporters in India are globally acclaimed for offering premium products with utmost focus on quality, finish and customer satisfaction. Regatta Universal Exports (RUE) is one such name that needs no introduction in the Indian natural stone manufacturing sector. Extensively engaged in the manufacturing and export of high-grade natural stones, the 16-year-old RUE has set innumerable examples for other natural stone manufacturers in terms of quality, timely deliveries, after sales service and maintaining long-term relations with existing customers.

Regatta Granites India, one of the leading Indian granite suppliers and exporters, introduces ten new granite varieties to its granite range that are irresistibly beautiful by looks and functional enough to be installed in any part of your home or office.

In an attempt to expand its granite portfolio and to bring more color choices to its global granite customers, Regatta Granites India, a leading Indian Granite supplier and exporter from India, has made 10 new additions to its existing range of granite varieties. With these additions, Regatta Granites India is now offering more than 105 different varieties of granite that are unique in themselves with respect to shades and surface patterns.

Regatta’s granite portfolio can be broadly classified in color-based categories, including black, blue, brown, gold, green, grey, pink, red, white and yellow. The new inclusions in our granite portfolio are as follows:

  • Baltic Red
  • French Green
  • Imperial Blue
  • Monte Cristo
  • Silver White
  • Tropical Blue
  • Alaska Gold
  • Tiger Skin
  • Sparkle Brown
  • Surf Green

The newly added granite variants fall in the Regatta’s color categories of Red, Brown, Green, Blue, White and Brown. The newly added Tiger Skin, Monte Cristo and Alaska White are quarried from South India, while the rest seven varieties come from North India. All these varieties are extremely beautiful with highly dynamic surface patterns in the forms of streaks, patches and speckles in different tones. Owing to its mystifying looks, the new as well as existing granite varieties are perfect to impart a contemporary or classy look to any space; be it office or home.

With the introduction of new granite varieties to its preexisting granite range, Regatta Granites India ensures its international customers that they can now avail the functional and aesthetic benefits of granite by being more selective for shades and natural design patterns. Unquestionably, granite is one of the most sought after construction and architectural designing materials around the world and Regatta Granites India always endeavors to come up with new granite varieties from time to time and offers its customers the best of Indian granite in terms of color and quality.

Regatta Universal Exports
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