Rajasthan CM sets example by giving up VIP culture

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Sunday inaugurated the Ramdev Baba Panorama at Baba Ramdev temple in Jaisalmer. Attending the event, which is a display of the life journey of the saint, Raje was found setting an example of VIP culture for others to follow.

After the inauguration, Raje went ahead to buy a ticket to view the panorama. Everyone present was surprised at finding a VIP of her status buying a ticket.

“I have purchased a ticket to view the panorama. I appeal to the people to visit this place and also that it it is maintained with utmost care,” said Raje at the event.

She further said that she had the blessings of Baba Ramdev. “Whenever I asked Baba for the prosperity of the state, I was never left empty hand. Due to the his blessings, not only western Rajasthan, but the whole state is prospering.”

Raje also credited the development of the state to the religious city of Ramapeer that revered the Baba. “Huge reserves of oil in western Rajasthan were found due to his blessings. It is because of them that soon the country’s first refinery-cum-petrochemical complex is going to be installed in Barmer. Limestones and granite mines have also been found in Rajasthan,” said Raje, addressing a gathering.

The CM said that devotees from foreign countries will be able to take inspiration from his life by visiting the parorama. “For this purpose, our government has taken up the task of creating a panorama to glorify the history of folk deities and great men throughout the world.”


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