Three good reasons to exhibit at the Stone Fair in Poznan, Poland in November 2016

There are 3 good reasons to come to the Poznan Stone Fair in Poland (November 16 – 19, 2016)

Three good reasons to exhibit at the Stone Fair in Poznan, Poland in November 2016

Update: To bring buyers and sellers together, the fair offers a guided tour through the halls on the first day (November 16, 2016) at 11 o’clock in the morning. If you are interested please contact Joanna Sypniewska (Mail),
Tel: +48 61 869 22 16. Participation is free.

Latest news: At the moment, the list of exhibitors includes more than 150 companies (from 18 countries), of whom two thirds are foreign firms, among them Cereser Marmi, Ernst Strassacker, F.S.E., Granits, H.M Tarn Granit, International Stone Expert, Ls Marmi Scala and Sati Exports India.
There are 3 good reasons to come to the Poznan Stone Fair in Poland (November 16 – 19, 2016): the ongoing construction boom in the country in the Eastern part of Central Europe, the huge demand for gravestones and its proximity to Germany.

In recent years, Poland with a population of 38.5 million has shown a brilliant economic performance. In 2015 its growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) was expected to be 3.5 % compared to the year before, as reported in „Stone Sector 2016“, the statistical yearbook of Italian IMM Carrara.

Investments in the construction industry had a forecast of even 7% for the same period.

A report by the German foreign trade agency GTAI comes to the same conclusions: for 2015 was predicted an annual growth of GDP by 3.4 % to reach 4 % until 2017.

The European Commission was a bit less enthusiastic but still saw an annual GDP-growth of 3.3 %.

One of the reasons is a push coming from the 125 billion € Poland will receive from the European Union until 2020. This is expected to create a boom in imports of around 25% by 2017, according to German GTAI.

Private consumption is expected to grow by 3 % due to higher salaries. A special part of that money will be spent by private customers building new homes or modernizing their old houses.

Strong catholic tradition

As Poland is a catholic country with a strong religious tradition, great stone monuments are a MUST on every grave in the country. In the last decades, mainly Indian and Chinese exporters brought their granites and marbles to the Polish market.

Strong catholic tradition.Strong catholic tradition.

Especially interesting in this part of the stone business is that a broken raw block may find new usage by being cut into gravestones.

And: Polish bereaved are no more only interested in grey or black stones but nowadays also in strong structures or exotic colors.

Proximity to Germany

Finally: the distance from the industrial city of Poznan to the German capital Berlin is only 300 km. The motorway between both cities is in perfect shape. The train’s distance is about 2,5 hours.

Strong economical ties connect the two neighboring countries.

Both are full members of the European Union, yet Poland is not yet part of the Euro-zone and still has its own money, the Zloty (1 US-$ = 3.789 PLN).

Stone Fair Poznan, Poland, November 16 – 19, 2016
Contakt: Hanna Lisiecka, Mail, Tel: +48 61 869 26 77

(28.10.2016, USA: 10.28.2016)

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