Granite Development Council (GDC) Meeting to be held on 2nd june2016 at Chennai



New Delhi, the 1st September, 2015

No. 1/17/2015-MVI. (vol-iii).—A Granite Development Council (GDC) for overseeing the development of the Granite Industry was reconstituted by the Government of  India vide its Resolution  No. 1/1/98-MVI (vol-iii) dated 30.7.2004 for a period  upto 31.3.2009 and again upto 31.3.2014 .

The Government of  India has come to the view that it will be in the interest of development of  granite industry and export of granite to reconstitute the Granite Development Council, for a period of three years from the date of issue of this resolution,  with following terms of reference  (TOR) and composition:

  1. Secretary, – Chairman. Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India
  2. Joint Secretary (Mineral Policy &Legislation) – Member Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India
  3. Joint Secretary, – Member.  Department of Commerce, Govt. of India
  4. Joint Secretary, – Member.  Ministry of  Environment & Forests, Govt. of  India
  5. Joint Secretary, –  Member  Ministry of Finance, Deptt. of Revenue, Govt. of India
  6. Joint Secretary, – Member  Deptt. of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Govt. of India
  7. Secretary,      –  Member   Industries  & Commerce Deptt., Govt. of  Andhra Pradesh
  8. Secretary,  –  Member Mines Deptt., Govt. of  Rajasthan
  9. Secretary,        –  Member   Industries Deptt., Govt. of  Tamil Nadu
  10. Principal Secretary, –  Member   Steel & Mines Deptt., Govt. of  Orissa
  11. Secretary, –  Member   Commerce & Industries Deptt., Govt.  of  Karnataka
  12. Secretary, –  Member   Industries & Mines Deptt., Govt. of  Gujarat
  13. Director General, – Member Geological Survey of  India, Kolkata

4    THE GAZETTE OF INDIA : EXTRAORDINARY                        [PART I—SEC. 1]

  1. Controller General,      –  Member   Indian Bureau of  Mines, Nagpur
  2. Director, –  Member   National Institute of Rock Mechanics, Karnataka.
  3. President,      –  Member.   All  India Granite and  Stone Association, Bangalore.
  4. Secretary General, –  Member   Federation of  Indian Mineral Industries, New Delhi.
  5. CAPEXIL –  Member  World  Trade Centre, Kolkatta.
  6. M/s. Gem Granites, Chennai (Tamilnadu) –  Member
  7. M/s. Krishna Sai Granites (A. P.) –  Member
  8. M/s. Pallava Granites Industry (India) Pvt. Ltd. –  Member  (Tamil Nadu)
  9. M/s.  Pokarna Limited (A.P.)  –   Member
  10. Director, (Mineral Policy & Legislation), – Member Secretary Ministry of   Mines, Govt. of  India.
  11. The Terms of Reference of the Granite Development Council will be as follows:

(i) To assess and review periodically the status of granite mines and recommend measures for speedy development of the mineral.

(ii) To assess technology employed in the mines and recommend measures for up-gradation of technology and scientific exploitation of the mineral.

(iii) To assess present taxation and royalty  structure on granite and suggest measures to make investment in granite more attractive.

(iv) To recommend measures for increasing value addition in granite and  to realize its export potential..

(v) Any other aspect which the Council deems important in the interest of development of granite mining and industry in the country.

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my trailing mail dated 27th may,2016 I respect of the proposed sub-committee meeting of the GDC to be held on 2nd june2016 at Chennai, furnish below following details as received from the member Secretary of GDC for kind information:

1) Date: 02nd June,2016 @11:00 hours

2) Venue – Office of the Deputy Director General, Geological SurveyofIndia,JawaharNehru Road,Guindy,Chennai-600032.

Location:ServiceRoad / KathiparaGrade Separator Towards Vadapalani-before Tamarai & Olympus Buildings.

3) Agenda:

.       Sizes and Periods of the Granite mining leases in respect of different   states.

  • Rate of royalty and dead rent prevalent in different states.
  • Issue of grant of fresh quarry leases and renewal of existing leases.
  • Lack of uniformity in VAT which ranges from 5 % to 15 % across the states.
  • Tare-weight limit for transportation of granite blocks by road.
  • Issue of recovery percentage from granite quarries.
  • Dumping of mineral waste.
  • Environmental issues.


In this context, wish to bring it  to your kind notice that in the earlier Communication Received from FIGSI(copy enclosed) indicated the venue at the conference room of the secretary, Industries Dept,Secratariat,Govt of Tamilnadu,Chennai but as per the latest communication received from the member secretary,GDC,the venue has been shifted to gsi officeGuindy as detail above.

Hope in this order and the core members of the granite industries of Tamilnadu will make use of this opportunity to draw the attention of the JS,MOM and other members of the Sub -Committee to address the issues pertaining to Tamilnadu.



Cmd-Pallava group



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