Colour granite quarry leases in Anakapalli division


The granite deposit commercially known as River white granite is situated at Buddibanda hill ranges located within the revenue limits of Buddibanda village, Ravikamatham mandal, Visakhapatnam district. The area is falling in Survey of India TOPO sheet No.65 K/13, (Scale 1 inch = 63360 or one inch to a mile). The area is located at a distance of 5 kms of Ravikamatham village to its south east and at 2.5 km away from Kavagunta village located to west of the deposit, 45 Kms from Anakapalli and 25 Kms from Madugula which is a mandal head quarter and 45 Kms from NH-5, and 45 Kms WNW of Visakhapatnam city. The deposit is exposed as a massive irregular shaped steep hillock with an height of about 2 mts from the ground level. The hill is locally known as Buddibanda hill ranges.

Rock type of the area:

The Buddibanda hill and other granite occurring areas are forms part of the Eastern Ghat formations of Archaean age, where the leptynites (garnetiferous granite) occur as metamorphic product of the pre-existing iron rich quartzo-fedspathic sediments.

Geological set up of the area:

The Buddibanda hill and other granite areas in Visakhapatnam district comprised of leptynites (garnetiferous feldspathic gneisses) and these are divided into two types of leptynites (i) creamy leptynites (ii) gray leptynites. They occur as parallel formations with a sharp transition zone at the contact. They are tending N 75 Deg West and dipping 45 Deg towards North East. The rock formation show impregnations of garnets of varied sizes, ranging from 0.1 cm to 1.0 cm. The garnets are aligned parallel to the banding / bedding plane, in the form of wavy streaks in the both type of leptynites. The dispersion of garnet crystals enhances the esthetic look. Besides this, the wavy banding of major minerals like quartz and feldspar are also an added attraction, which further enhance the beauty and esthetic look of the deposit. The banded nature of the formation is mainly due to the mineral lineation. As such it gives different appearance, if we cut the blocks in different directions. The creamy leptynites comprised of quartz, feldspar and sillimanite. As such it is creamy white in colour with impregnations of garnet in the form of wavy streaks parallel to the gneissic structure of the rock.

Name of the Lessee  Village Mandal Granite Commercial Name
Sri P.Purnachand, Papayyasanthapalem Anakapalli  Brown granite
M/s Maruthi Stonex, Srungavaram Nathavaram Pearl brownGranite
Smt. N.K.Chinnammal, Bennavaram Raviakamatham BananaGreen / ButterflyGreenGranite
M/s Iswarya Granites Bennavaram Raviakamatham RiverwhiteGranite
M/s Shakthi Granites Bennavaram Raviakamatham BananaGreen / ButterflyGreenGranite
Sri Syed Abdul Mannar Arif Guddipa Raviakamatham Jasmine white granite
Sri E. Anantha Ramana Guddipa Raviakamatham 2010 granite
Sri Ch.Venkatagirish Thotakurapalem Raviakamatham Colonial gold granite
M/s SK International Nagalakonda Raviakamatham ThunderwhiteGranite
M/s Venkateswara Minerals S.Hill, Kothabilli Raviakamatham ThunderwhiteGranite
M/s Stone Plus Cheemalapadu Ravikamatham River White Granite
M/s Saikappi Granites Cheemalapadu Raviakamatham RiverwhiteGranite
M/sRising Sun Exports Kothabilli Raviakamatham ThunderwhiteGranite
M/s Sunrise Granites Kothabilli Raviakamatham ThunderwhiteGranite
Smt. K.Usha Sree Thotakurapalem Raviakamatham Colonial gold granite
M/s Petra Granites S.Hill, Z.Bennavaram Raviakamatham BananaGreen / ButterflyGreenGranite
M/s Tulip Granite Private Ltd. Cheemalapadu Raviakamatham RiverwhiteGranite
Chinthapalli Adivasi Minerals Dev. Ltd. Terapalli Chinthapalli RiverwhiteGranite


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